State Range Judging 
Posted Oct 4th 

This year at the 2017 State Range judging Ord FFA had 18 members make it to state. Out of the 243 competitors in the senior division, Ord FFA had: Megan Skibinski placing 32nd, Kasey Hornickel placing 37th, Shelby Kittle placing 40th, Macee Alexander placing 86th, Lydia Hill placing 113th, Chandler Papiernik placing 132nd, Kaden Boyce placing 158th. In the junior division there were 262 competitors, for Ord FFA we had: Tye Bruha placing 9th and receiving a green ribbon, Meo Hill placing 21 and receiving a green ribbon, Alex Flessner placing 22 and receiving a green ribbon, Treaven Scheideler placing 29th and receiving a green ribbon, Sam Lech placing 38th and receiving a green ribbon, Quinton Ries placing 51st and receiving a green ribbon, Amber Staab placing 72, Vickie Ference placing 77, Mitchell Knapp placing 91st, Mariah Sell placing 100th, Ethan Gabriel placing 126th, Trevor Vancura placing 153rd. Teams at

District Range Judging 

Posted September 20, 2017


This year for district range judging Ord was able to host the competition. The members who competed from Ord had a very successful qualifying 15 people for State Range judging. 

Old West Regionals 

Posted Oct 19th

On October 12th Ord FFA went to Old West Regionals, which is a five state range judging competition between Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Ord took up 10 members that qualified for the competition. For Ord’s senior competitors they were placed: Megan Skibinski placing 20th, Kasey Hornickel placing 32nd, Sam Lech 40th, and Amber Staab 49th, these people were also one team and they placed 7th overall. For Ord’s junior competitors they placed: Tye Bruha 3rd and also receiving a plaque, Treaven Scheideler placing 8th and also receiving a medal, Quinton Ries placing 9th and also receiving a medal, Alex Flessner placing 19th, Meo Hill placing 32nd, Mariah Sell placing 59th. The Junior teams were, Tye Bruha, Treaven Scheideler, Quinton Ries, and Alex Flessner they placed 1st overall as at team they also received a team plaque and each team member got a medal, Meo Hill and Mariah Sell were a team and they placed 19th overall.  



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